Roll forming systems for slide rails

Slide rails require high performance lines with cutting-edge technology.

The expectations on quality slide rails are immense. Ever higher load capacity, low height, minimum noise, long service life are but a few of the requirements. The product designers at the market leaders know how to meet these requirements. In their designs you will find complex profile cross-sections, elaborate punching or embossing, tolerances that are otherwise considered unachievable in sheet metalworking, minimum roughness of the running surfaces and much more.

Such design criteria characterise high performance slides. They can give the managers in production a few headaches. Insiders in the sector know that in such cases they must use high-performance production systems with the latest technology. High-performance does not, however, only signify high productivity. It also signifies extremely high availability and outstanding process reliability. Dreistern roll forming systems meet these requirements completely. Above all they are characterised by short payback periods. Many Dreistern developments are aimed in this direction, for example by means of reduced material costs. Up to 6% less material consumption and a correspondingly higher production volume are the result. The applications for Dreistern roll forming systems for manufacturing slides are widely varied. Partial or fully telescopic slides for drawers, table slides, rails for sliding doors, oven slides or slides for dishwashers made of stainless steel, to name the most important.

Machines / machine layout

  • Strip systems

    Strip systems are used for the continuous supply of the roll forming systems with the raw material, the flat strip.
  • Roll forming section

    The heart of the system for the manufacture of slides is the Dreistern roll forming machine with roll forming tool.
  • Punching and embossing systems

    The integration of punching and embossing systems has special significance for the production of ready-to-assemble slide rails. They make it possible to reduce the subsequent process steps and the related costs while improving the product quality at the same time.

Strip systems

Strip systems

Strip systems are used for the continuous supply of the roll forming systems with the raw material, the flat strip. They not only make a contribution to the productivity of the overall system that should not be underestimated, but also to the quality of the components.

Coil changing times can represent significant sources of losses. Highly automated strip systems undertake a complete coil change in only 3 minutes, including welding together the ends of the strips. Precision straightening machines and low-stress strip feed to the downstream punching or roll forming machines provide the necessary conditions for the manufacture of precision components with very close tolerances. Depending on the nature of the requirements, the low-cost standard system can also be appropriate. Dreistern can also supply a matching strip system within a coherent overall concept.

Roll forming section

Roll forming section

The heart of the system for the manufacture of slides is the Dreistern roll forming machine with roll forming tool. Only with the perfect interaction of the forming technology and machine can reliable tolerances in the range of a few hundredths be achieved. At the same time high production speeds of up to 120 parts per minute can be achieved.

The Start-Stop® mode introduced by Dreistern has special significance here. The roll forming machine operates during this process like a highly dynamic precision roller feed that supplies the completely formed parts to the downstream pressing and punching tools with high positioning accuracy. A further advantage is the low tool costs, particularly during the production of length variants. However, low material consumption can prove to be even more important. Unlike manufacture using presses, the scrap is practically zero. In addition, Dreistern systems can reduce the strip thickness within the strip thickness tolerance and in this way generate additional production volume. Thanks to the integrated cleaning technology, the slide rails produced are clean and dry. An integrated rounding station ensures the profile edges are rounded and that they leave the machine without dangerous burrs.

Punching and embossing systems

Punching and embossing systems

Depending on the requirement, Dreistern realises concepts for the highest production speeds and for extreme requirements in relation to flexibility. This signifies production speeds of up to 120 parts per minute and re-tooling times of a few minutes. For instance during the production of length variants the individual tools can be moved automatically and precisely to the new position. Due to special control software, the amount of scrap on a length change can be reduced to a small amount. This feature helps to save material costs. A high performance system is not necessarily required for the production of every rail. For lower requirements in relation to production speed or re-tooling times, Dreistern offers particularly economical standard systems. Whether high performance system or standard system, all Dreistern systems are astoundingly quiet due to effective acoustic insulation. The acoustic insulation is designed such that it does not significantly restrict the access to the system in operation or during re-tooling.

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