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Manufacturing good profiles or building good roll forming machines has for some time no longer been sufficient to be able to survive on the market. There are lots of businesses that can manufacture good products, in the meantime even with extraordinarily low costs. It is particularly the best businesses in the sector that have understood this issue and are reacting with new, innovative products. The development of new products is expensive, success most definitely not guaranteed. Nevertheless, it is unavoidable if you want to successfully defend your market position. The question is how to keep the costs under control at the same time. Anyone who is looking for suggestions for solutions will find them at Dreistern. Dreistern has prepared successful production solutions for an unbelievable number of applications. It is only possible to show a small extract on the Dreistern web site. Contact with Dreistern is worthwhile for every roll forming task.

However Dreistern also has a definitive answer for completely new tasks for which no ready solutions are currently available. Using “rapid prototyping” Dreistern has developed fast, cost-saving processes for the manufacture of prototypes and pre-production models. An essential element of this new procedure is intensive collaboration between the component designer and the machine supplier right from the start of the project.

At the beginning there can be a joint innovation workshop with a systematic methodology for the development of profile innovations. The result is the first draft profile designs. These designs are optimised in collaboration between the profile manufacturer and Dreistern in relation to the usage of material and production costs. The effectiveness of the proposed improvements can be validated with a computer simulation of the forming process. Then the profile manufacturer tasks Dreistern with the manufacture of prototypes for the necessary function tests. The first prototypes are generally available 8 - 12 weeks into the project.

The most important advantage of this procedure is a major reduction in the time from the first product idea to realisation, with a simultaneous reduction in overall costs. 

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In order to remain successful, the permanent development within our own core competencies and beyond is of great importance to our customers and to Dreistern itself. In this way we guarantee economic efficiency and investment security paired with uncompromising quality and high technology standards.