Roll forming systems for cable ducts and electrical installation profiles

Using Dreistern roll forming systems you can react quickly and flexibly to any customer requirement

The applications for roll forming technology in electrical installation are varied. Cable ducts, cover profiles for cable ducts, rail sections or pillar profiles for cable trays and mounting rails are but a few. Roll forming systems from Dreistern offer the most flexible and efficient process for such products today. The result is low-cost systems with high load bearing capacity, minimum material usage, safe function and easy, quick assembly.

The tried and proven technology from Dreistern linked with application-specific processes such as pre-punching using mechanical or hydraulic presses or press tools, roll embossing of braces, spot welding or clinching ensures the most suitable production process is used for every product. Particularly impressive are the production systems for cable ducts and covers. Whether screw systems or innovative, easy to assemble push-fit systems. At Dreistern you will find the optimal solution.

The width and height is set simply and quickly from the control console. The roll forming tools move automatically and with high precision to the pre-selected dimension.
Thanks to the modular machine system and the tool technology, Dreistern can assemble custom systems for every need.

Machines / machine layout

  • Strip preparation systems

    Strip preparation systems

    for coil processing for straightening, punching, perforating and transverse cutting or design with continuous operation for processing blanks.
  • Roll forming machines in Start-Stop technology

    Roll forming machines in Start-Stop technology

    with stationary cutting unit for low-cost, conventional tool changes.
  • Roll forming machines with motorised transverse adjustment

    Roll forming machines with motorised transverse adjustment

    for fast, continuous adjustment of the profile width and height at the press of a button, optionally with motorised adjustments for automatically setting the material thickness

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