More productivity and less material consumption – with Dreistern roll forming systems for shelving profiles you have your costs under control

From the simple and economical roll forming system for household and lightweight shelving to the highly flexible and fully automated roll forming system for shop and industrial shelving, at Dreistern you will always find the right production system. The uncompromising quality and outstanding productivity of Dreistern roll forming systems is known throughout the sector. Unmatched low scrap rates ensure low material consumption and therefore low costs. An investment in a Dreistern roll forming system pays for itself in a short time. Dreistern supplies turn-key systems from coil processing, through roll forming, to stacking the finished products. The most successful shelving
manufacturers use Dreistern roll forming systems. Dreistern builds the right system for all requirements in shelving manufacture. Dreistern engineers provide specialist advice on all questions related to profile development and the design of complete production systems.

  • Shelving posts / shelving supports

    The right system for every type of shelving

    Shelving posts form the basis of a shelving system. They have a crucial impact on the cost-effectiveness of the entire production of the shelving. The dominance of the material costs in the manufacturing costs requires particularly economical handling of material. Just as important is maximum process reliability and availability around the clock. You can achieve these objectives with Dreistern roll forming systems.

  • Shelving cross-members / box profiles

    Production systems for shelving cross-members / box profiles

    Depending on the quantity required, cross-members can be produced together with shelving posts on one system or on dedicated specialist systems for larger quantities. Dreistern supplies highly flexible systems for the manufacture of all profile shapes.

  • Shelves / shelving rear walls

    High requirements on function and appearance require suitable machine technology

    Shelves must be manufactured in varying widths and lengths. This aspect requires flexible systems to be able to change quickly from one size to another. With Dreistern roll forming systems you can realise all profile shapes to reduce the material consumption while maintaining optimal load bearing capacity at the same time.


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