Roll forming systems for shelving cross-members / box profiles

High productivity and minimal material consumption lower costs

Cross-members and reinforcing profiles join together the shelving supports and give the construction the necessary structural strength. The profile shape is precisely designed for the specific application and the main load. During this process the profile can designed as single skin with or without a folded joint, or double skin as a box profile.

Thanks to the modular machine system, Dreistern can assemble the optimal system concept to suit the application and needs. A two-stage forming system, based on a double roll forming machine and a frame machine, represents a highly flexible plant concept for single skin profile variants of varying height and width. With modern quick tool changing systems, all special forms for wooden shelves, metal shelves, mesh shelves or tyre racks can be simply and straightforwardly setup.

The highly flexible Dreistern double roll forming machines are also excellently suited to box profiles. Together with a flexible cutting system, a production speed of 80 m/min is achieved. The operator can set the required profile height at the push of a button and without the need to change rollers. Only the coil change and cutting tool change needs to be undertaken manually by the operator. However, Dreistern can also offer automated solutions for these aspects.

Machines / machine layout

  • Roll forming machines

    Roll forming machines

    • for continuous operation with flying cutting machine
    • for high production speed or using Start-Stop technology with a low-cost cutting unit.
  • Options


    Modular linked roll forming systems for load-optimised profile cross-sections
    Automatic nesting and stacking systems Welding systems for top pieces

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