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„Gegen den Strom“ with Santa Claus!

Today, December 6th, Santa Claus Day, all DREISTERN employees received a Household savings set from Neoperl Group AG. A great campaign in German entitled "Gegen den Strom" (Energy Saving), in which we are happy to take part in order to counteract the current energy dilemma with something meaningful.

With small products, the so-called volume regulators for the shower and the jet regulators for various taps, around 20,000 liters of warm water and around 500 kWh of energy can be saved in an average household every year.
Installed in 5 minutes, these little helpers ensure savings in water, energy, CO2 and, last but not least, household money.

Thank you very much, your DREISTERN team wishes you a happy Santa Claus Day and a peaceful pre-Christmas period.

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