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Pleasant and restful holidays, a good end to the year and lots of energy, health and success in the New Year.

Looking back, 2020 has certainly been an unexpected year. In January, we received the first reports of SARS-CoV 2 cases, what was presumed to be a local viral infection in China. How wrong we were! Our Chinese partners warned us early on not to take this lightly, which turned out to be very good advice. Months later, the virus had taken the whole world by storm and only a few countries have as yet returned to some degree to normality.

As a result, the economy has become increasingly sluggish over the year. We too, as a manufacturer of capital goods, have felt a marked reluctance to invest in the first half of the year, although we have experienced a significant market recovery in the second half.

In addition to implementing many new, interesting and challenging customer projects, we were also able to successfully advance the further development of our product and service portfolio and the refinement of our processes:

  • The first, new DPMflex double profiling machine was developed, built and pre-engineered by us and is currently on its way to the customer. A presentation of the machine was given in a small circle on site and, if desired, also online.
  • Our first industrial intelligent stands, under the name RF4.0, with measurement of forming forces and profile deviations, are in productive deployment at some customers already. As the next evolutionary step, a wireless and thus highly flexible connection of the sensor technology to the control system will be introduced soon.
  • The pandemic restrictions have brought us a significant step forward in digitalisation:  For example, we have carried out customer preliminary acceptance tests of entire plants, requirements in the area of service up to complete plant commissioning on site 100% remotely. This represents a major step for us in the cooperation with our customers.

Despite coronavirus and thanks to our very healthy order intake, we are optimistic about the year ahead. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation with you in the new year.

We wish you, your employees and your families happy and peaceful holidays, a good end to the year, and renewed energy and success for the New Year – stay healthy!


Forming success. Together.


Thomas Krückels

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