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Loyalty and reliability - a key to success!

21 employees have been with the company for 470 years

After the anniversary celebration could not take place last year due to the corona situation, Gerlinde and Thomas Krückels were all the more pleased to be able to put the Dreistern slogan “Zämme schaffe, zämme fiire” back into practice last October. In a celebratory setting in the restaurant “Adler” in Schopfheim, Thomas Krückels expressed his appreciation to all the jubilees for their long-term loyalty and drive, even in turbulent times, and did not forget to thank their partners for their support.

With a committed and competent team, Dreistern has succeeded in reinventing itself again and again, adapting to changes in the market and mastering crises - including the current ones. Recently, the customer's high willingness to invest and won important, albeit complex, projects in the field of e-mobility. Here, too, he thanked the employees again for always "going the extra mile for the customer".

Works council chairman Marcel Maienknecht could only agree with this and concluded the group of well-wishers with express thanks to the management and a few humorous words to the anniversaries, before we could move on to the cozy part of the evening.


10 years affiliation

Thomas Burczyk, Markus Fortwängler, Georg Fritz and Armin Hierholzer

20 years of affiliation

Regina Zettler, Markus Marqua, Christian Lenz, Rolf Kopfmann, Jörg Iselin, Martina Frey, Ralf Dattler and Andreas Baier

25 years of affiliation

Wolf-Dieter Schumann, Michael Meyer, Jewgenij Just

30 years of affiliation

Bernhard Quellenbach, Andreas Ruh, Ibrahim Karakas, Guy Beck

35 years of affiliation

Stephan Ernst

40 years of affiliation

Christoph Kaufmehl

Christoph Kaufmehl receives the state's certificate for 40 years of company loyalty

Yevgeny Just (right) receives the IHK certificate for 25 years at Dreistern

from the left: Thomas and Gerlinde Krückels, Jewgenij Just, Jörg Iselin, Andreas Ruh, Armin Hierholzer, Marcel Maienknecht, Christoph Kaufmehl, Guy Beck, Regina Zettler, Christian Lenz, Markus Marqua, Thomas Burczyk, Ralf Dattler, Bernd Schwellenbach, Dr. Alexander Graf, Edi Mutter

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