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2018 innovations and improvements, optimistic outlook 2019

An interesting, eventful and ground-breaking year is coming to an end. This applies both to the international markets and also quite individually to our company. Globally, 2018 was quite a turbulent year; you only have to think of all the back and forth about the scarcely avoidable Brexit, international public debt or trade wars. Yet, nevertheless it is still possible to draw a positive conclusion: the economy continues to prosper! The mood remains positive in most countries and sectors.

What is true for the global outlook is also true for our individual view: this year DREISTERN has been able to record a good level of capacity utilisation. We extend heartfelt thanks to our business partners for this: it is only thanks to our partnership-based cooperations that many projects and other product innovations have developed.

  • At EuroBLECH 2018 we were able to present our first ‘Smart Stands’ RF4.0, with their capability of measuring forming forces. This is merely a beginning in this particular sector: we well continue to develop this technology until it is ready for series-production. Our aim is support the forming process with instrumentation so that if the near future it will be possible to quickly and precisely rectify quality deviations.
  • There is further progress in the revision of our automation platform: added to the already available drive technology, this year saw the arrival of the updated hardware platform. The first systems are running successfully in the field and innovations are being incorporated in new systems.
  • The again improved retrofit coupling system, ASKE, for quick setting up, is immediately available. 
  • Our metal circular saw range MKSmulti series is now not only available as an inline version but also as a ‘stand-alone’ version.
  • With the new development of our double rollforming machine DPMflex, we are consistently implementing new automation possibilities while increasing flexibility. We introduced the concept at EuroBLECH 2018 and design will be completed by the end of 2018. The plan is to build the first system of the new type next year.
  • Our newly configured website ( went online in October, ready for EuroBLECH 2018.

We are looking ahead optimistically to 2019, thanks both to the enduring positive outlook in the metal processing industry and also due to many progressive ideas. We are ready to meet new design challenges and enter into new cooperative ventures with you in the New Year. 

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