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Profiles for logistics systems: changeover from product to product in less than 11 minutes

A total of five profiles in 33 designs – it is not just in the logistics industry where profile manufacturers require every increasing numbers of product variants with shorter and shorter lead times. “Whether it be simply different profile lengths of a single profile or different variants of a profile family or completely different profiles or a combination of all possibilities.” And: “To be able to produce profiles economically in small lots, the changeover from product to product must be quick, safe and free from scrap.”

Just how DREISTERN successfully overcame this challenge on behalf of the rack system manufacturer MICRON in Welikije Luki in Northwest Russia, is reported in the trade magazine “BLECH” (issue 6/2017, pp. 150-153, Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Hannover), “UMFORMtechnik Blech, Rohre, Profile” (issue 7/2017, pages 58-59, Meisenbach Verlag Bamberg) and “bbr Bänder Bleche Rohre” (issue 6/2017, pages 34-36, Verlag Henrich GmbH Gilching). You can read more on the Internet

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