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Scaffolding and mounting systems

Wide variant range and ever more economic use of materials

The applications for profiles and pipes in scaffolding and mounting systems are very varied. Just as varied are the production systems that we offer you in this area. Each individual roll forming system is precisely aligned with your specific requirements. 

High quality and low scrap rates

The very varied applications for profiles and pipes in scaffolding and mounting systems share main requirements: First and foremost are production costs, followed by fast availability even with a wide range of variants and economic use of materials.

You score points in all disciplines using our roll forming machines: Their high process capability ensures uniform high quality and extremely low scrap rates. This means you can readily calculate your material costs.

The low personnel requirement and outstanding availability ensure you benefit from a high level of competitive productivity. This keeps your production costs low.

Our roll forming machines for profiles and tubes in scaffolding and mounting systems are an important success factor for you: We provide you with a coherent overall concept and individual components fully matched to it. New innovative solutions for roll forming technologies for profiles and tubes in scaffolding and mounting systems are also amongst your advantages, such as the safety which derives from a multitude of already successfully implemented systems.

Professional roll forming machines clearly presented

Form your own impressions of the precision and reliability of our roll forming machines: The video shows you clearly some of the advantages of our roll forming systems and processes.

Examples of roll forming machines for scaffolding and mounting systems

Our roll forming machines in the scaffolding and mounting systems sector are always ideal for the widest range of applications.

Roll forming systems for scaffolding
  • Turnkey systems for scaffold planks, including pre-punching and transverse bending installations
  • High-speed pipe welding systems for scaffolding pipes
  • Pipe welding systems for support pipes for concrete ceilings including hole pre-punching and number embossing device
Roll forming systems for mounting rails
  • Integrated pre-punching systems for punching of holes
  • Roll forming machine with integrated edge processing
  • Roll forming tool equipped for the quick and inexpensive changeover between different dimensions and plate thicknesses
Scaffolding and mounting systems

Contact our construction industry experts

Each sector has its own special requirements, which is why your company too will have its own special questions about roll forming machines and processes: Our roll forming experts in the construction sector have all the answers you need!

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