P24 / P21/ P6 / P7 CNC roll forming machines for ultraflexible profile production

Depending on the type and design, the profile width and profile height can be continuously varied without a tool change. Frequent applications for such machines are the production of dry-lining profiles, cable ducts, switch cabinet side pieces or shelving posts. Here flexibility does not come at the expense of production speed. This can be up to 90 m/min. The concept continues with the P6 / P7 series. All dimensions of U-, C-, C+ and sigma profiles can be varied continuously and also unsymmetrical variants manufactured. If necessary, automatic sheet metal thickness adjustment can be provided on all flexible roll forming machines. In particular roll forming machines in the P24 / P21/ P6 / P7 series are predestined for the processing of blanks, as in this way a cutting tool change is not required. You will find further details and the key machine data on these remarkable series of roll forming machines in the related P24 / P21 machine brochure.

In view of such almost unlimited flex-
ibility, a P3 roll forming machine is not necessarily inflexible. At the end of the day, the range of possible profile forms on a P3 roll forming machine of classic column construction is even greater. Furthermore, at Dreistern it is also possible to realise the properties of a P24 / P21 roll forming machine on a P3 roll forming machine. For this purpose every second frame in one or more frame groups is equipped with motorised transverse adjustment that permits varying profile widths or heights. This feature can even be added later as an upgrade and at Dreistern is called the P3-Flex.

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