P3 roll forming machines offer strategic competitive advantages

Crucial for its success was an end-to-end system concept with extraordinary flexibility in relation to adaptation to special requirements and, in particular, the ability to make tool changes quickly. These properties continue to give Dreistern customers strategic competitive advantages today.

The end-to-end concept in this series ensures compatibility. Dreistern roll forming machine components can be used on a very wide range of machines of varying age and even of different size. This feature saves costs and ensures the available machines can be used cost-effectively and flexibly. Flexibility is almost even more important. It makes it possible to adapt to specific customer standards and new production technologies at low cost. In this way Dreistern is able to realise unique solutions matched to specific customers.

Probably the most important feature is the Dreistern technologies for the tool change. Depending on the frequency and nature of the product change, you will always find the optimal system at Dreistern. As always with Dreistern, these systems are robust and proven in practice. You will find further details and the key machine data on this remarkable series of roll forming machines in the related P3 machine brochure.

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