Controller and software can make a good machine an excellent machine

The controller and the software for a roll forming machine form one its most important elements. The attention that Dreistern dedicates to its machine controllers is correspondingly high. For those who are not experts in control technology, the result can mostly only be seen in the overall performance. But control specialists know that the key issue is the complete control chain. The specialist places particularly high value on everything matching at “hardware level”. Then the possibilities of making an excellent machine out of a good machine are all the greater on optimising the control parameters. In the case of Dreistern roll forming machine controllers, this is no accident but the result of a systematic process. It starts with the design of the controller, the selection of suitable hardware, systematic software programming and finally skilled commissioning that exploits the full potential of a machine.

The machine operator sees the controller from a very different point of view. The operator wants to see all the functions important for operation quickly and easily. The maintenance engineer in turn is interested in other aspects. He wants clear information on operating times, any malfunctions and information on their rectification. And if needed, the maintenance engineer wants fast “on-line” support. These aspects are all part of a completely normal Dreistern controller and one of the reasons why staff love working on a “Dreistern”.

As important as business considerations may be, they cannot play a role on the issue of safety. Nobody is to be harmed by a Dreistern roll forming machine. This premise is also the top priority in every set of specifications for Dreistern roll forming machine controllers. Every Dreistern employee feels an obligation to this premise.

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