Manufacturing good foam-filled roller shutters from low cost strip material

The special requirements placed on foam-filled roller shutter systems in China are not a problem for DREISTERN.


The foam-filled roller shutter market in the People's Republic of China is in turmoil. The central Chinese government in Beijing has ordered a crucial forward-looking step this year. All new buildings must be of energy-saving design and construction. Among other aspects this requirement includes the very important sun blinds on buildings. With high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter, as are common in large parts of the enormous country, high quality roller shutters ensure that energy is not wasted unnecessarily in air-conditioning and heating systems.

Domestic machine manufacturers cannot satisfy the requirements placed on modern sun blinds by demanding customers. The roller shutters they produce have very poor characteristics in relation to stability, have a very poor appearance and cause noise on opening and closing.

This is where Dreistern comes in. It is particularly in a difficult environment that quality machines made by Dreistern can demonstrate the value of more than half a century of experience in roll forming technology. For instance the strip quality at our Chinese customers is significantly poorer than the quality to which our customers on Europe are accustomed. However, after a short trials period in our factory with the new customer system and the material provided by the customer, the optimal setting for the roller tools was quickly found.

Dreistern's many years of experience in the roller shutter system sector not only provides the customer with significant competitive advantages on the market, but can also be seen in measurable results. For instance, three Dreistern roll forming systems were recently delivered to various customers in China and placed in operation. In addition during the operator training on-site the to some extent newly recruited staff were briefed on the adjustment features of the roller tools, as well as on the operation and maintenance of the system.

Producing good foam-filled roller shutters from poor raw materials is not witch craft at Dreistern: as a business that develops solutions in dialogue with the customer, difficult conditions do not shock the experts at Dreistern at all, instead they encourage them to come up with creative solutions.

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