DREISTERN high-speed cutting machines increase productivity at SAPA – RC Profiles

For decades the Belgian business SAPA – RC Profiles (Remi Claeys), Lichtervelde, one of the market leaders in this sector, has manufactured extruded aluminium profiles and rf-welded round and shaped pipes made of aluminium. Back in 1995 the organisation was searching for a reliable supplier of parallel-running cutting units for its existing pipe welding systems; the units were to cut pipes with speeds in excess of 100 m/min and had to meet a variety of high requirements. The specific requirements were

high-speed cutting machines for roll forming machines-   Operating speeds up to 150 m/min
-   Excellent parting cut
-   High cutting accuracy
-   High availability for 3-shift operation


For this application Dreistern constructed a new cutting machine that was tailored to the needs of the customer and the above mentioned requirements. With the usage of this high-speed cutting machine, the speed at which work was processed at Remi Claeys increased immensely. In addition, the accuracy with which the material was cut to length was so good and the saw cut also so much better that "re-sawing" of the pipes was no longer necessary. As a result it was possible to save an expensive additional work step. The amount of waste also fell dramatically. Due to the good experience with this cutting machine, one after the other all four pipe welding systems were equipped with these Dreistern cutting units, as a consequence it was possible to significantly increase the output from all the existing pipe welding systems.

As SAPA RC Profiles had been able to win market share over the years, it was necessary to increase the production output again. Due to the excellent experience with the Dreistern cutting machines delivered previously, it was decided to the replace the cutting machines, some of which are more than 15 years old, with even faster parallel-running cutting machines.

In the meantime Dreistern has replaced some of the old parallel-running cutting machines. The features of the new machines, which are now designed for a max. speed of up to 180 m/min, are such that it was possible to continue to meet the requirements on the cut, the accuracy on cutting to length and the high availability. As a consequence it was possible to achieve a further increase in production of approx. 20 %.

high-speed cutting machines for roll forming machinesComplete enclosure of the cutting machine ensured that it was also possible to significantly reduce the noise emissions and optimise safety at the same time. The enclosure also provides better conditions for the extraction of the aluminium chips. Together with the customer the extraction of these chips is currently undergoing optimisation; this optimisation will bring further savings during cleaning and as a consequence the service life of the machine will also be increased.

This is an example of how with intelligent solutions and creative approaches Dreistern ensures that customers have real added value.
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