Dreistern invests in a modern visitor center at the facility in Schopfheim

A modern building - Dreistern visitor center - is rising on the south side of the traditional, family owned company. Beginning of autumn 2011 this will be the central meeting point for Dreistern visitors.


The decision was made back in 2010 that Dreistern should be given “a new face”. The southern elevation of the business was the subject of an architectural competition. The task was to develop a functional building with an attractive design for a contemporary visitor centre. In a close head-to-head competition the design by the architect Silvia Gerber from Freyler Industriebau won. 

Construction work started in April 2011 and is expected to take approx. 6 months. It is anticipated the new building will be ready for use in October 2011. An independent, single-storey building with an area of 500 sq m is being built. The building is to be primarily functional, but also feel open and inviting, and promote communication. However, the discretion customers and visitors expect must still be ensured. The architectural concept developed for this purpose offers both and manages to achieve the balancing act between communication and discretion. The physical layout is orientated on the functional requirements of its usage. There are six modern meeting rooms of varying size adjacent to a multifunctional reception and waiting area. A coffice and lounge area round off the physical layout and create an atmosphere of relaxation during the break. The building is equipped with the latest building services, lighting and multimedia technology, and is operated using renewable energy. 

The new location has significant advantages over the existing facilities on the north side of the business that were built in 1948. The link to the B 317 is significantly better. Anyone arriving by car will see the new building immediately on turning off the B 317 towards the town and will quickly find the entrance. The new visitor centre is in a very prominent position and represents both the company and the town.

In future the visitor centre will be the central meeting point for all Dreistern visitors. There prospective customers, customers, partners, suppliers, representatives from the authorities and banks, service providers and tradespersons, as well as job applicants will be welcomed. The facilities are designed such that workshops and smaller events can be held. It is also intended for some rooms to be available for preliminary acceptances.

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