DREISTERN customer service with a new specialist

In early November  Frank Sporn joined customer service as a rollforming specialist. Next to Ralf Jütten (electrical engineering) and Thomas Kuttler (machine technology) he is a perfect addition to our team.

Subject to the huge variety of different profiles, creating this new position has been a complete new endeavor. In the past Dreistern had to count on roll forming specialists from its roll tooling department; with this step Dreistern is able to respond to customer requests even faster. 

Mr. Sporn completed his apprentices’ years with our company and has been working for us in this sector for more than 10 years. He knows the peculiarities of rollforming in great detail and has a broad knowledge of the process itself.

We are looking forward to continually working together with you in the future.

Service for roll forming machines

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