Cutting Cost, Pushing Sales with Dreistern roll forming machines

This basic principle for improving the profit situation can be adapted by any company.


But profile manufacturers are facing one important difference.  The material cost is usually much more important than any other cost. Dreistern has developed new interesting technologies for material cost saving. Basically there are two possibilities. One can be achieved by reducing the wall thickness of the profile and to gain the required stiffness out of improved material properties or by a new design with improved structural stiffness. Another possibility can be found by using material with lower quality and consequently lower cost. Naturally this must not compromise the product quality. For both alternatives Dreistern has developed new technologies. One example is high precision strip rolling. By means of one or more reducing stands the strip thickness tolerance is improved considerably. This allows the use of cheaper low quality strip material.

Still the best choice to increase the profit situation which has to be considered is the increase of the sales volume and the sales prize at the same time. This is only possible by the development of new attractive products. Dreistern has supported many new products from the very beginning until the production start. This experience is enormously valuable for any new product development. So, risk and time to market can be reduced considerably. A discussion with Dreistern at the Tolexpo in Paris could be the first step to new successful product.

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