Laser welding at twice the speed thanks to new production method

Due to a new patent-pending method developed by Dreistern, it is possible to weld continuously with a laser, even though the profile-forming system is operated in the start-stop mode!

In this way the advantages of start-stop production and continuous welding can be combined. The system speed is often limited by the welding process but on a series production system delivered in spring 2011 it was possible to double the speed using this method!In addition there is the advantage of a continuous weld seam with its consistent quality and that gives the profile extremely high torsional stiffness.

How does it work? We will say this much: by means of an intelligent controller and movement of the laser optics and precision welding table, the relative velocity between the laser beam and profile is maintained constant.

Dreistern has also written a program that we can use to determine the possible productivity increase for your application. If you are planning applications for welded profiles: DREISTERN will plan and supply you new systems or extend existing start-stop systems using the new oscillating welding technology.

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