Multifunctional DREISTERN roll forming systems make investments future-proof

A roll forming machine is a roll forming machine, and a cutting machine is a cutting machine? Not necessarily: a new generation of roll forming systems that will soon be introduced by Dreistern will overcome traditional limits. Thanks to a modular design, the old limits between the functions of the parts of the system will be eliminated.

There is good reason for the need for this new degree of freedom: modern roll forming systems are still primarily only used for one product or just a few products. This situation has the consequence that system concepts may be unsuitable for the next product, or that it is only possible to realise a product change with major modifications to the system. This issue is a problem particularly with ever shorter product life cycles.

For this reason Dreistern has developed the concept of a modular roll forming system. In future it will be possible to punch, cut and form profiles on a common platform, and that at any position in the system. In this way parallel punching will be possible, among other features.

Present roll forming system:                                                        Multifunctional Dreistern-Roll forming system:



The modular system concept means functionality can be added later. And in this way it is possible to already think today about tomorrow, and to ensure with little effort that the production of foreseeable alternatives is not hindered. In this way manufacturers can create the necessary space for those expansions that they may only need to realise in a few years time. An investment not only in the present, but also in the future starts with a discussion on the appropriate configuration level, which is of course different for every customer. The Dreistern team is looking forward to receiving your enquiries and will assist you with all its specialist know-how.

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