Open House at Dreistern

Dreistern introduced at its Open House Day on April 12th April today available solutions with enormous increase of line efficiency in spite of frequent product changes. In addition to presentations in a, with decision makers and technical specialists, well-filled visitor centre, all visitors got above all one thing: running machines they could touch.

The visitors, especially out of the storage industry, met rollforming machines designed by a smart concept which enables until today unknown low changeover times with just 11 to 15 minutes downtime and extreme material savings.

In particular in the storage industry, the profile manufacturer, have the objective to provide more and more product variants at ever shorter intervals. That means change-over times have to be reduced. Dreistern presented such a solution with individual adjustable automation and provides nevertheless a convincing benefit-cost ratio. This solution is already rewarding from 5 product change-overs a week.

All participants joined in small groups several tours through the Dreistern production and spent several hours at the running machines to discuss. Furthermore the people used the day to listen to informative presentations and to discuss with Dreistern experts their applications either at the rich buffet or privately in meeting rooms.

Dreistern would like to thank for the positive response. This also means that the next Open House event will follow.

Open House at Dreistern

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