Accurate measurement without delay

It is not enough to promise profiles of the highest quality without the proof as well.  With this in mind Dreistern has developed the in-line 360° measurement system to monitor and confirm the compliance of all tolerances critical during production.  

With the In-line measurement system operators now have the ability to react quickly to tolerance deviations and make corrections before they impact production costs.  The compact and robust design allows the unit to be easily integrated into existing rollforming machines while providing a safe and cost-saving alternative to current quality control programs.

Angles, radii, diameter and contours of various profiles are gathered by a laser rotating 360° around the profile without contact. The results are illustrated on a display with the additional benefit of printable documentation.

For more information about Dreistern´s in-inline measurement system please contact your local sales representative and review our new flyer.

Accurate measurement without delay

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