Profil zeigen – Dreistern Rollform-Tooling

Reliable production of profiles in high quality with tight dimensional tolerances requires first class roll form-tooling. Over time roll forming rolls will wear and eventually not produce parts in sufficient quality. Dreistern offers complete evaluation, overhaul or upgrade of existing roll form-tooling.

We Offer:

  • Overhaul of existing roll form-tooling to maintain and improve part quality
  • Modification of existing roll form-tooling with respect to material savings
  • Upgrade of existing roll form-tooling to meet today’s market requirements
  • New roll forming-tooling in first class quality and precision, tailored to your specific application

Dreistern’s extensive Know-How ensures precision and longevity of roll form-tooling.


Please also inquire about the following roll forming services:

  • try-out and fine-tune of roll form-tooling on one of our try-out machines, adding another layer of safety and reducing downtime in your production schedule.
  • support during profile modification or profile development by our experienced roll form-tooling design engineers, to give you an advantage over your competition
  • roll form-tooling for machines and stands not made by Dreistern, following a thorough evaluation of equipment specs.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our competent personnel would be happy to discuss your application. Contact

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