Quality pipes made with DREISTERN anywhere thanks to a mobile pipe welding system

The challenges of the desert or the Siberian taiga are not a problem for a Dreistern system. The mobile solution is used to weld pipes for the energy industry exactly where they are needed, on-site. The pipe welding system in an air-conditioned container saves long transport routes and also weld seams that would otherwise be necessary to join together the sections of pipe.

The task is to weld where welding is required. All that is needed is one 40-foot container for the actual pipe welding system with roll forming machine, laser and stationary cut-off saw, a further 20-foot container for the strip system and another 20-foot container for the other elements of the mobile factory. Two halves of a container are used to provide the necessary space for the system operators on-site; these must of course be fully air-conditioned. The necessary safety features to address all the requirements on a modern production facility are also included. A central unit is the solid-state laser, which unlike a classic carbon dioxide laser does not require extensive supply lines for the process gas, only glass fibre cables.

The advantage of the portable system for the customer is clear. Instead of finished pipes that, because they are hollow, are voluminous, it is only necessary to transport coils of strip material for the system to the construction site. And while the only way to join pre-fabricated pipes is further welding, the Dreistern solution produces pipes of theoretically unending length from the container, as long as the strip from the coil lasts. The automatic production process also reduces the manpower required on-site. A welder requires a large number of other support staff to ensure adequate supply in the inhospitable regions of the Earth.

Manufacturers of demanding, welded pipes know just how demanding and sensitive the process is. A pipe free of leaks, as a KO-criterion on the transport of oil and gas, is only provided if the weld seam is reliable. And here the issue is, particularly for a mobile solution, to be equipped for all adversities. The approach to prevent disruption to production is based on two pillars. On the one hand matched damping systems installed in the containers ensure vibration is absorbed. On the other hand the automatic correction of the position of the laser head ensures it is always in the right place. The weld seam produced is so good that it will withstand extreme loads.

The Dreistern engineers are proud of this special Dreistern project, which was of course manufactured using components from the standard range. They are already looking forward to further projects with similarly unusual requirements.

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Quality pipes made with DREISTERN anywhere thanks to a mobile pipe welding system

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