Pack shutter slats flexibly and efficiently using the new inserting & stacking table

Flexible, economic and efficient: Using the inserting, stacking table from Dreistern packets of slats ready for shipment can be produced.

A concept of the flexible type

The flexible solution stands independently beside the fold-down belt and can also be linked to existing systems without the need for any mechanical modifications. The fact that it is possible to transport in all directions independent of the side on which the operator stands and the operating direction of the roll forming system makes the system even more valuable. Above all manpower is saved.


Several stages in a technically sophisticated solution

  • A turning device ensures that the shutter slats from the fold-down belt are placed on the transverse conveyor with the concave side down.
  • The transverse conveyor transports the profiles to the profile tray. There are several profiles on the conveyor, the additional time is useful for improved curing of the foam. During this process two cylinders align the shutter slats.
  • Once the profile has passed over the transverse conveyor, it falls into the profile tray from where it passes to the stacking table via the accelerating device. There the shutter slats are automatically inserted inside each other.
  • As soon as the pre-set number of profiles has been inserted inside each other, the layer is automatically transported forwards to produce the packet.
  • Human intervention is only necessary on removing the packet.
  • An emergency outlet ensures that the operation of upstream processes (such as roll forming or cutting) can continue if individual slats are produced or if there are malfunctions in the downstream process.

Technical data 

Slat lengths processed       

2-6 m (continous)

Profile widths

30-70 mm (continous)

Packet size (w x h)

330 mm x 30-75 mm


up to 60 m/min (dependent on the part length)

Slat width change

without the need for tools approx. 10 min

Space required

13.5 metres long, 1.5 to 2.5 metres wide


Your advantages at a glance 

  • Longer foam curing times due to transverse conveyor, as a result more stable shutter slats
  • Production of packets of shutter slats ready for packing with minimum personnel
  • Individual slat packets and individual slats also possible.
  • High performance due to continuous, automatic process
  • Fast payback on investments
  • Improved competitive situation
  • Low energy costs
  • Fast slat width change due to plug-in, rotating changing elements


Automatically inserted inside each other: a significant amount of working time can be saved using the inserting and stacking table.





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