Super fast product change for automotive profiles





Longitudinal members, bumpers, side impact protection, crash tubes, these and many other automotive parts can be manufactured from ultra high strength steels particularly economically on roll forming lines while saving weight.

Thanks to the high production speed, Dreistern roll forming lines are often not fully utilised with a single product. In the past a product change took a relatively long time, even though roll forming tools can be changed quickly. Apart from roll forming tools as a rule additional processes such as perforating, punching, embossing, bending or welding are integrated into the production line and must also be set-up for the new product. In the past this task took a large amount of time. This is no longer necessarily the case. The new Multifunctional Roll Forming Technology from Dreistern makes it possible to quickly change processing modules for tasks such as punching, bending or welding just as quickly and just as straightforwardly as changing quick-change roll forming tools.

With Multifunctional Roll Forming Technology a further problem is a thing of the past. Unlike conventional technology, a roll forming line with Multifunctional Roll Forming Technology can produce good parts again immediately after a product change. The processing modules are adjusted for a specific product or are equipped with high-reproducibility actuators. This aspect ensures that the profile forming system immediately produces good parts after a product change. Thanks to universal compatibility and the related flexible control unit, the individual processing modules can also be used on different roll forming machines. Investment costs can therefore also be saved along with the faster product change. A prerequisite for this feature is that the machines are equipped with Multifunctional Roll Forming Technology. The related basic equipment does not involve any additional costs compared to a conventional design.

Super fast product change for automotive profiles

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