Cutting machine TK600 with new technology, but at the old price

“All’s well that ends well.” This statement also applies in roll forming technology. As: the cutting machine ensures, among other aspects, that the correct lengths can be produced with little burring or deformation. The fact that in the process a good machine can become even better is proven by DREISTERN with the new parallel cutting machine TK600. Nine months after its development this machine impresses above all with its inner values.


The real revolution takes place under the machine table. Instead of the toothed rack as before, it is now the motor that moves to be able to make the correct cut in the right place as operation continues. The system change based on a rack-and-pinion drive ends the age of custom toothed racks that were cut to suit the related system. Faster delivery times thanks to the modular construction are a further benefit. An extremely long service life thanks to automatic lubrication, which also reduces maintenance costs, accompanies maximum precision and excellent control behaviour due to constant linear stiffness – over the entire movement range of course. Very long sub-frame lengths and the simultaneous usage of several machine tables is no longer an issue.

The best for DREISTERN customers comes at the end. Anyone who wants to use the more flexible machine, with high energy efficiency due to energy recovery and even less running noise thanks to the helical gearing, does not need to accept major changes in the design of existing machines. The dimensions of the TK600 have remained unchanged. Outfeed belts and existing tools can be attached or set-up effortlessly. The procurement department will be pleased that the price has not changed despite a large number of improvements.

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