New Business Models in Tube Industry

Visit Dreistern and the Tube Innovation Days (TID) at Tube & Wire in Düsseldorf from April 4th to 8th. You will find Dreistern in hall 6 at booth 6E41 and TID next to Dreistern at booth 6D42. This year Dreistern presents Multifunctional Rollforming and you can see such a machine live on our booth.

The concept of the hybrid tube welding system enables to produce not only classic tubes but also shaped tubes with complicated geometries. Furthermore there are pre-punching stations integrated to add perforations in the flat and unformed strip.

By experience  with hybrid tube welding systems, Dreistern developed the concept of Multifunctional Rollforming. The idea was to evolve a rollforming machine to a universal sheet metal machining center which provides, besides tubes, all products which are producible by the combination of rollfomring, punching and welding.

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New Business Models in Tube Industry

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