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31. Dreistern  
Roll forming technology with personal character
Three stars – in every relationship
Experience, partnership and success. Tradition, innovation and engagement. Ideal unit of company, customer and…
32. Automotive & Transport  
Automotive & Transport
State-of-the-art technologies for maximum safety and minimum investment  
Using our roll forming technology, your products will run smoothly, regardless of whether you are…
33. Front and side impact protection  
Front and side impact protection
Fulfil the most demanding requirements precisely and efficiently
Roll forming processes are established as efficient work steps for the production of…
34. Body parts  
Body parts
Flexible, forward-looking production concepts with maximum productivity
Longitudinal chassis beams for automotive series production are increasingly manufactured from roll formed parts:…
35. Commercial vehicle parts  
Commercial vehicle parts
Ideal combination of high safety and low weight
Profiles for commercial vehicles must be absolutely safe and very light: You can fulfil both requirements with our roll…
36. Technology  
Maximum dynamics for successful processes
New technology concepts set particular standards in a range of industries
We are focussed on ensuring the success of your roll forming processes during…
37. Innovation  
From ideas come innovations
Exceptional implementations make new successful products possible
Our development department with more than 50 engineers is globally recognised for its exceptional ideas…
38. Materials  
The correct basis for successful end products
Brass or gold, copper or titanium – there is no material that cannot be used
High and ultra-high strength steel grades, aluminium alloys or other…
39. Quality  
Requirements and obligations
Quality is always part and parcel of each task
We will discuss your expectations and requirements for our roll forming know-how and our roll forming technologies prior…
40. Scrap minimisation  
Reduced scrap for higher yields
Economic and environmental profit through use of innovative roll forming technologies
Less is in every case more: Through our targeted measures and innovative roll…
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