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62. Thin-walled pipes  
Thin-walled pipes
Even under high pressure, still in top shape
Protective pipes for fibre optic cable, tubes for medical technology, gas compensators for EGR heat exchangers for exhaust gas cooling…
63. Construction industry  
Construction industry
Market leaders underpin their position using our roll forming machines
The market leaders for many of the demanding profiles in the construction industry depend on the…
64. Roller blind construction and sun shading  
Roller blind construction and sun shading
Precision profiles – produced to fulfil you highest requirements
Profiles used in roller blind construction and sun shading have the highest requirements in…
65. Scaffolding and mounting systems  
Scaffolding and mounting systems
Wide variant range and ever more economic use of materials
The applications for profiles and pipes in scaffolding and mounting systems are very varied. Just as…
66. Window profiles, door profiles and gate profiles  
Window profiles, door profiles and gate profiles
Comprehensive expertise and offers for successful production
Thanks to our long years of experience, we have a lot of know-how relating to roll…
67. Glass spacers  
Glass spacers
Ideal results for widely varying strip thicknesses and materials 
Our roll forming systems for producing glass spacers are notable for a high production speed of up to 200 metres per…
68. References  
Special roll forming expertise for companies from a wide range of industries
Using our roll forming technology, your products will run smoothly, regardless of whether you are producing…
69. Roll forming plants  
Roll forming plants
The premier league of the profile world uses our roll forming machines
No profile is too complex to prevent profile specialists at the roll forming plants from being able to…
70. Furniture industry  
Furniture industry
Tailor made overall concepts and standard machines for market leaders
Leading furniture fittings manufacturers produce their roll formed parts on our roll forming systems. They…
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