Advice, Training, Process Optimisation




Setup time analysis

We prepare for you an analysis of your setup process and indicate the necessary means to reduce your setup times to a minimum.

Using the SMED method we prepare for you organisational and technical proposals to significantly reduce the times taken, as well as organisational flow charts for the setup process.




Performance increase

Working effectively and economically: anyone who wants to survive on a competitive market must have roll forming systems that are always state-of-the-art in relation to performance and that guarantee efficient manufacturing processes.

Here we can support you:

  • Automation for improving efficiency
  • Production performance increase
  • Improvement of the accuracy of the parts

Minimisation of the scrap rate

We minimise your costs by reducing your scrap rate.

Scrap always occurs if, for instance, strips are trimmed, or if due to an emergency stop (also unintentional) the sequence of steps for pre-punching must be restarted in the middle of the profile. By means of specific measures and innovative products we reduce the scrap produced and in this way achieve a significant saving in material.

Training / workshop

With the right training for your operators, you will ensure the efficient utilisation of your roll forming systems as well as smooth production and long service life. We convey this knowledge quickly and practically.

Completely tailored to your needs, we can offer training courses and/or workshops on the following subjects.

  • The basics of roll forming technology
  • Punching / shearing / sawing. Cutting technology made more familiar
  • Controller technology up to and including training as a PLC engineer
  • Hydraulics / pneumatics – from the basics to proportional technology
  • System operation
  • Safety technology
  • Production support

Here we also work together with external service providers. 
Our staff are also trained and further trained in this manner. We would be pleased to prepare an individual program together with you.