Machine safety / CE acceptances

We will provide you with effective advice on the route to correct CE marking or will undertake the necessary acceptance.

CE conformity:  a subject that is of increasing interest or that must interest us all.

Roller set overhauls

The quality of your roll forming tools gives your products their quality. We offer to inspect your roll forming tools for signs of wear and recommend either replacement or rework of individual rollers or complete roll forming tools taking into account technical innovations.

During this process, the experience from your production is also studied in collaboration with your specialists and, if necessary, appropriate changes included in the overhaul of the roll forming tool.

Integration of technical innovations

Technically mature innovations will make your processes easier and are important instruments for safeguarding your competitive advantage.

You are also familiar with the image of floors totally soaked in emulsion in the area of the cutting machine. This problem can be rectified with emulsion extraction at the profile. We will advise you on implementation on your roll forming system and supply a turn-key solution from a single source. A further example could be the extraction and the chopping of aluminium edge strips. For this purpose there already exist products proven over the long-term that we will integrate for you. Tell us about your ideas, we will take care of the implementation in accordance with your requirements.

Renewal of the system controller

Controllers and software are a core competence of DREISTERN. The controller concepts are developed and maintained in house – in this way quick implementation and technology that is always up-to-date can be ensured. As a consequence, proven, economical concepts are also available for the modernisation.

The advantages for you are the professional service, latest controller technology and as a consequence significantly improved design of the controller processes as well as an impressive price-performance ratio.


  • Better system integration
  • Ensuring system availability
  • Optimisation of the system
  • Utilisation of the DREISTERN standard

System expansions

By expanding your roll forming systems you will obtain competitive advantages. Profiles can be made that are currently not feasible on your machine.  Expanding your machine will increase its productivity.

Extensions to the machine substructure for more forming stations or to make it possible to also operate a parallel cutting machine
operating in stop-start mode are the main
approaches. Also handling systems for your profiles can be added. Your ideas are our goal.

System overhaul

If, after intensive usage, your roll forming system no longer provides original quality, we offer to overhaul your roll forming machines or assemblies. Due to our know-how as a manufacturer, you will extend the service life of your machine and obtain the original precision again.

Our services in this area are as follows:

  • Condition-based inspection of your systems or assemblies
  • Documented reconditioning and replacement of original parts
  • Re-commissioning including function and geometry check
  • Warranty on the services provided

Machine assessment / current market value estimate

You want to sell your roll forming system?

We would be pleased to provide you with an estimate of the current market value of your roll forming machine / system or prepare an assessment on it.