We are your greatest source of support during troubleshooting, we identify faults immediately with our qualified personnel and solve the problems without delay.

Anyone who checks his machines and is aware of their condition is protected against expensive surprises. Expensive production downtimes can be detected and avoided in good time, costs for repairs and failures significantly reduced. In addition, it is possible to extend machine running times and better estimate the remaining service life. We support you with our entire specialist knowledge even on the telephone.

Telephone service / advice

Our customer service will assist you on all questions related to your system. We are available during our business hours and via our service line 15 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your enquiries will be quickly and dependably answered here.

A direct contact partner is available from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:00. Outside these times, you are welcome to leave us a message on the voicebox. We regularly check and process the messages left on the voicebox.

Remote maintenance / teleservice

Independent of the location of your machines, we can quickly provide assistance in case of problems of any nature with the controller or during operation by means of our teleservice.

Teleservice makes it possible for you to establish a direct connection between your system and our customer service. By means of remote diagnostics we can provide you with assistance during troubleshooting in the case of a possible malfunction and therefore minimise downtimes. You decide how often you want this service: permanently, on request or at fixed intervals. It is also possible to make controller changes or install updates without the presence of a service engineer on site. If, nevertheless, the presence of a service engineer should be necessary, it will then be possible to place your system in operation significantly faster, as the service engineer will already have the correct information and spare parts based on the prior diagnostics.

Replacing faulty parts

The reliability of your machine is increased by the installation of genuine spare parts by our service engineers.

Our trained personnel install spare parts in your system using the correct tools and jigs. In this way errors during installation and therefore the related machine downtimes are avoided. The age of the components to be repaired is irrelevant for our qualified engineers, and as a rule genuine spare parts are also still available.

Inspection and maintenance

You obtain clarity over the actual state of your system with an inspection that our qualified engineers would be pleased to undertake. We would also be pleased to offer you regular maintenance. In this way you will sustainably increase and safeguard the availability of your machines and systems. Unplanned machine downtimes can then be reduced to a minimum.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • Process reliability due to inspected machines
  • Quality
  • Optimised performance figures
  • Monitoring of the machine state by means of detailed maintenance reports


We would be pleased to prepare you a specific quotation for the inspection / maintenance of your system. With a DREISTERN maintenance contract you will increase the production reliability of your machine/system

Gearbox overhauls

The robust DREISTERN gearboxes for roll forming systems stand for durability and reliability. They are manufactured and assembled to high quality standards. Overhauling these gearboxes will give you back these features at low cost.

During this process the gearboxes are dismantled by our specialist personnel, the faulty parts recorded and a report on the ACTUAL condition prepared. The subsequent quotation therefore covers only the actual parts to be replaced and limits the costs to the minimum. Depending on the condition of the gearbox, recommendations relating to the upgrading of the spare parts as well as, for example, the coating of shafts can be discussed.

Frame set overhaul

Together with the rollers, frames are responsible for the quality of your products. We check your frames and return them to the quality necessary for production.

There have been various developments in recent years particularly on frames and our experience in a very wide range of areas always flows into further developments. During this process attention is paid to the compatibility of the assemblies with your older frames. Upgrades to, for instance, the usage of counters or axial adjustment features for the lower working shaft are also possible. We will implement your needs with our wide range of variants.

Warranty extension

We stand by you and our products. You can extend the warranty to suit your needs.

We would also be pleased to extend the actual warranty for our systems, which in general is for 12 months with single shift operation.

The warranty can be extended based on a time limit (18, 24, up to 36 months) or based on the operating hours.
For this purpose an annual inspection by our service engineers is advantageous.