Spare parts and components

Spare parts

If planned or even unplanned repairs arise on systems, DREISTERN spare parts sales will provide fast and competent assistance. We will find out which spare parts are needed and ensure they are provided quickly.

The quick supply of spare parts will ensure that downtimes are reduced to a minimum. We offer the complete range of parts from a single source, of a quality and with a level of availability that only the manufacturer can guarantee. Matching accessories will expand the possibilities of your machine. Genuine spare parts are also available for older machines and will be supplied as quickly as possible. For fast processing use our ‘Service enquiry’ form in the download area on this web site. You will find a link to this form on the right.


Assemblies mostly fail suddenly and unexpectedly. We offer fully pre-assembled components and assemblies ready for use on your system.

Both roll forming gearboxes and also frames or tools are manufactured to your requirements. During this process standard components are also modified to your needs if necessary. Usage is made of all the specialist knowledge from all areas and in this way the assemblies designed for optimal usage on your system. Your wishes are our goal.

Roll forming tools

In the case of replacement roll forming tools, you profit from fast, competent processing via spare parts sales. In close collaboration with roller design, replacement roll forming tools are prepared to suit your wishes using the latest technical innovations and the knowledge obtained in the past.

You receive high quality original rollers and accessories from our in-house design and manufacture.  The roll forming tool is trialled internally prior to delivery and you can accept sample parts in advance. This aspect ensures smooth commissioning on your premises. On request we would be pleased to undertake initial installation and run-in the roll forming tool on your roll forming machine. Our experienced engineers are available to provide assistance at any time.

Punching, sawing and shearing for your roll forming machine

We will impress you with the highest quality cutting and ensure setup times are very short on changing your cutting units. The availability of your roll forming system is further increased by the keeping replacement units in stock.

You are producing a new product on your roll forming machine and do not yet have the necessary cutting unit. We manufacture these units in a very wide range of sizes to cover your entire range of parts. During this process it is also checked whether it is necessary to expand the cutting machine, for instance to be able to operate a saw. With a dedicated cutting test stand we can undertake cutting trials to optimise, for example the quality of the cut.

Packages of spare parts and wearing parts

To maintain the functionality of your roll formingsystems over the years, we prepare a package of spare parts and wearing parts for you. This package is the backbone of your roll forming system and your entire processes.

Advice and support, from enquiry to delivery, is provided from a single source and is specific to your system. On special request, packages of parts assembled to suit your specific experience can also be assembled and regularly replaced by our engineers.