An idea only becomes an innovation if it is realised

New products bring success. You can see this in successful companies. They have an above-average number of new products.
Dreistern sees it as one of its most important tasks to support Dreistern customers with their innovations. Product and technology development at Dreistern is aimed in two primary directions. The first relates to the realisation of innovative customer ideas, the second in-house Dreistern developments.

  • Profile ideas successful more quickly and reliably

    The most important innovations from Dreistern customers are aimed at new profile ideas. Checking their feasibility, preparing suggestions for improvements in relation to production, material and investment costs, and finally developing roll forming tools are part of the daily tasks of Dreistern tool designers.

  • Possible applications of roll forming technology

    A constant aspect over the decades of Dreistern developments is the acceleration of setup processes and as a result product changes on roll forming machines. With great regularity Dreistern time and again sets new standards for fast setup with new methods.


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In order to remain successful, the permanent development within our own core competencies and beyond is of great importance to our customers and to Dreistern itself. In this way we guarantee economic efficiency and investment security paired with uncompromising quality and high technology standards.