Dreistern has the right welding process for every application

Welded pipes and profiles that have been manufactured on Dreistern roll forming systems have extraordinary weld seam quality. This quality is made possible by the special attention Dreistern pays to even the smallest detail that could affect the quality of the weld seam. This of course includes in particular the quality of the strip edges: clean, without interfering soiling, flat and free of stress, finally perfectly aligned with each other with exactly defined gap geometry. However selecting the most suitable welding method in the specific case also requires extensive knowledge and experience. Dreistern has a decade of experience with HF induction welding and resistance welding, as well as with TIG/plasma or laser welding. 

Among the well-known profile manufacturers there are hardly any organisations that are not producing their welded profiles on a Dreistern HF induction welding system. The reason is simple: robust and reliable technology that is able to produce precision profiles day after day in the working conditions of a custom rollformer. The same applies to laser welding. There is hardly any other machine manufacturer with more experience in the integration of lasers in roll forming systems than Dreistern. The range of laser systems is impressive. For this reason it is well-known at
Dreistern that a laser is not just a laser. CO2, disc, fibre or diode lasers - all lasers suitable for welding have already been integrated into Dreistern roll forming systems. This experience and the intensive collaboration with leading laser manufacturers make it possible to reliably select the best laser for every welding application.
Many applications are barely conceivable without TIG/plasma welding. This situation will remain unchanged also in future. From the simple single-cathode system to the computer-controlled multiple cathode system – also in the area of TIG/plasma welding systems - you will find the right solution at Dreistern if you need stainless steel pipes of the highest quality. The result is higher welding speeds with first-class weld seam quality.

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In order to remain successful, the permanent development within our own core competencies and beyond is of great importance to our customers and to Dreistern itself. In this way we guarantee economic efficiency and investment security paired with uncompromising quality and high technology standards.