Technology development in a highly competitive environment is a growing

The technological know-how of a roll forming machine manufacturer like Dreistern does not just comprise the construction of good roll forming machines. At the end of the day the issue is to provide Dreistern customers with the technical prerequisites for the production of successful products. This issue includes the ability to produce these products to the required quality, in the required quantity and at the desired cost. In a highly competitive environment this is a dynamic, continuously changing and growing challenge. The technologies of today are definitely insufficient for survival on the market of tomorrow. What counts is new technologies that make it possible for Dreistern customers to also remain successful tomorrow. Time and again Dreistern manages to produce a “masterstroke” that sets new standards in the production methods for a very wide range of products. Often enough in the end such work, gives Dreistern customers a significant competitive advantage.

  • Roll forming

    There is hardly a profile shape that Dreistern could not realise

    According to DIN 8586, roll forming belongs to the group of “forming by bending with rotating tool movement” production
    methods. During roll forming a strip of sheet metal is transported through a series of forming stations using at least one pair of rollers.

  • Materials

    Dreistern roll forming machines provide excellent results even with difficult materials

    Dreistern engineers provide advice as early as during product design and during the selection of the most suitable material to achieve the required functionality reliably and cost-effectively.  The range of materials that can be used is large.

  • Welding

    Dreistern has the right welding process for every application

    Welded pipes and profiles that have been manufactured on Dreistern roll forming systems have extraordinary weld seam quality. This quality is made possible by the special attention Dreistern pays to even the smallest detail that could affect the quality of the weld seam.

  • Process integration

    Dreistern engineers realise reliable, efficient production systems

    Customers are increasingly demanding products with more and more functionality that cannot be realised solely using the roll forming process. Additional processes are required.


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In order to remain successful, the permanent development within our own core competencies and beyond is of great importance to our customers and to Dreistern itself. In this way we guarantee economic efficiency and investment security paired with uncompromising quality and high technology standards.