We accept responsilbility

The protection of the environment and health and safety are strategic goals of the corporate vision. We address these goals responsibly and professionally with above-average safety standards and environmental protection standards. Environmentally-friendly processes and roll forming machines are the result.


Extensive avoidance of emissions

  • Compliance with the 31st Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung (Federal imission control ordinance), e.g. by using solvent-free degreasing in the paint shop
  • Compliance with ECO-SAFE requirements by means of a modern vehicle fleet with as a minimum EURO-4 vehicles

Energy efficiency

Environmentally-friendly usage of energy

  • The usage of modern heating systems provides an energy saving of 30% and a reduction in the NOx and CO emissions of 86%
  • New assembly building surpasses all current regulations on thermal insulation
  • No air-conditioning in any offices
  • Continuous improvement of energy efficiency by means of construction measures, e.g. insulated windows, fast roller doors to avoid the loss of heat and insulation of all heating pipes
  • Heat recovery from compressed air system for heating hot water
  • Regular consumption check on gas, electricity and water to identify above-average consumption


Omnipresent protection of the environment

  • The protection of the environment is regulated by company agreements, work instructions and by the Dreistern manual on health and safety and the protection of the environment (ASUS)
  • Compliance with these regulations is checked during internal audits
  • Professional, external advice safeguards the high standard of our environment management
  • The protection of the environment is part of the DREISTERN training plan
  • DREISTERN has nominated a waste officer.


Respectful usage of energy and raw materials

  • Usage of materials that can be recycled throughout the manufacture of our machines for the highest recycling rate
  • Usage of energy-efficient drive technology with recovery of braking energy to the supply
  • Upgrading of old systems for the improvement of the energy efficiency
    Continuous further development of the technologies to reduce waste and scrap rates
  • Design of all roll forming machines and roll forming systems for above-average durability



GDIS 2018 New steel technologies - automotive safety - manufacturing technologies

GDIS 2018   New steel technologies - automotive safety - manufacturing technologies

Great Designs in Steel (GDIS) is the premier forum for the latest trends and applications in automotive steel technologies and DREISTERN Inc. was again part of the forum at the Laurel Manor Conference Center, Livonia, Michigan, USA, Wednesday, May 16, 2018




In addition to the core competencies of Dreistern – roll forming of precision profiles and the realization of complete turnkey concepts with all desired processes – we are characterized by complementary competence areas.

Three of them have been presented on Tube, the international No.1 trade fairs wire and Tube in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 April 2018.  : Dreistern Services - Continuously Successful, Dreistern Project Management – Safety Guaranteed and as an ancillary equipment component – the perfect welding process for your pipe product.


Tube Innovation Network in Mexico: First-hand know-how in tube manufacturing

Tube Innovation Network in Mexico: First-hand know-how in tube manufacturing

The attention was considerable: Some 100 visitors attended the Tube Innovation Days in Monterrey and in Querétaro. They all wanted to participate in first-hand know-how of 13 companies (one of them: DREISTERN), which cover the whole process chain in tube manufacturing. Those who have the same interests should pencil the trade fair TUBE in Düsseldorf/Germany in April 2018. There will be in addition to the DREISTERN booth also a joint stand of Tube Innovation Networks. The best news: You will find the experts in rollforming from the Black Forest on both locations.