Open House at DREISTERN: Intelligent Solutions will save costs

The specifications of the brand new DREISTERN line makes impressive gains: 35 punching tools with a cutting pressure of 850 tons capable of producing precise hole patterns along with an impeccable laser weld seam in Start-Stop® mode. Result, a ready to mount profile for a partition wall which can be changed over in only 10 minutes.

With the approximate 60 visitors in Schopfheim (Germany) not only impressed by modern rollforming technology. The main intention of this Open House event was to show why it pays to collaborate with DREISTERN in other respects. It does not always have to be a new product, as with the case study shown including a family of nine horizontal and 17 vertical profiles that have been well-established in the market for a decade.

 “Why is it profitable to produce these products on a new production line?” The DREISTERN experts demonstrated the answer to this question with the specific example comparing the new and the established production concept. The core message: DREISTERN does not only sell machines, but also sophisticated production know-how. And this is measurable: In the case of the shown line, the investment is redeemed in only two years as the customer has calculated.


Open House at DREISTERN: Intelligent Solutions will save costs

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