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Switch cabinet production

Innovative solutions and innovative paths to special performance

Ground-breaking solutions for the realisation of innovative roll forming products are evidence of our know-how in state-of-the-art cabinet production. In doing so, we often break new ground, as for example the particularly quick and very economic quilting seam laser welding process. 

Precise profiles with tight tolerances

The expected functions of a modern switch cabinet as well as the established automatic mounting systems require precise profiles with tight tolerances. This is precisely the reason why the market leader in switch cabinet manufacture produces its profiles on our roll forming systems. Here, integrated, fast pre-punching systems ensure exactly positioned press cuts even with high production rates. 

The profiles themselves are remarkable for their high structural stiffness. This saves material, but also means the roll forming technology must meet demanding challenges, which is precisely why we have developed innovative solutions in this area.

The same is true for profile layouts, where with our roll forming systems, nearly all of your ideas can be put into practice. With one of our optimum overall concepts developed by us for you, you will minimise your material and investment costs.<br/>  

Examples of roll forming machines for switch cabinet production

With our roll forming machines for switch cabinet production, we offer you a comprehensive product range to meet your individual requirements.

Profile punching and cutting unit

Suitable for post-punching and cutting to length.
  • Flying cut-off machines for high production rates or profiles with an integrated welding process
  • Stationary cut-off machine for an average production rate
  • Rotary embossing unit for economic, continuous marking of the profiles
  • Cut-off tools for low-burr separation cuts
  • Integrated pre-punching systems in the form or a rotary die cutter or flatbed die cutter with intelligent feed and tool technology for automatic setting up of pre-programmed hole patterns
  • Strip end welding machines
  • Modern tool fast coupling systems for high system availability
  • Inline welding for closed profiles (HF or laser)
  • Inline after galvanizing of welded joints for continuous corrosion protection and a uniform visual appearance
Profile punching and cutting unit

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