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Maximum performance for extreme requirements

Low changeover times and minimum scrap fraction during production

You will receive your pre-punching systems from us in the form or rotary die cutters or flatbed die cutters with intelligent feed and tool technology for automatic setting up of pre-programmed hole patterns. For post-punching, we implement concepts to achieve maximum production rates, which fulfil extreme requirements in respect of flexibility.

Maximum Precision

With our innovative post-punching systems, you will achieve production rates of up to 120 parts per minute with changeover times of just a few minutes. Thus when producing length variants, the individual tools can be moved automatically and precisely to the new position. Our special control software is used to reduce the scrap fraction during a length change to a low residual quantity.

If your profile production does not require a high-performance system, we can offer you particularly economical standard systems for lower production output or changeover time requirements.

Both high performance and standard systems are noticeably quiet thanks to additional sound insulation. It is designed so that access to the system when operating or during changeovers is not significantly impaired.

Contact our experts for pre- and post-punching systems

Each sector has its own special requirements, which is why your company too will have its own special questions about your pre- and post-punching systems: our roll forming experts have the answers you need!

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