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151. FAQ´s  
From what production quantity does it start to become profitable to procure your own roll forming machine?
152. FAQ´s  
What strip thickness can be formed?
153. FAQ´s  
What strip widths can be formed?
154. FAQ´s  
Which materials can be processed on Dreistern roll forming systems?
155. FAQ´s  
Is it possible to make a reference visit?
156. FAQ´s  
My Dreistern roll forming system is already nearly 50 years old. Can I still get spare parts?
157. FAQ´s  
Do you make roll forming dies yourselves?
158. FAQ´s  
Which controller do you use?
159. FAQ´s  
I have purchased a used Dreistern roll forming system. Can we discuss upgrading it?
160. FAQ´s  
Does Dreistern produce profiles itself?
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