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161. Technology  
Roll forming
We can provide you with a comprehensive range of profile shapes. Here our roll forming machines achieve tolerances that just a few years ago would not have been possible. We place…
162. Technology  

163. Technology  

164. Technology  
Our various straightening processes are orientated with your individual requirements, with a particular focus on the materials you are using and the desired quantities of profiles. A…
165. Technology  
Welded pipes and profiles produced on our roll forming systems are notable for exceptional weld quality. This is because we take every detail into consideration, as for example the quality of…
166. Technology  

167. Technology  

168. Technology  
Our pre- and post-punching systems for assembly ready parts are configured for maximum production rates with maximum quality. You receive pre-punching systems in the form or rotary die…
169. Technology  
Our cut-off machines are suitable for various cutting-off processes such as sawing, shearing, punching or special processes. They are equipped with multiple details, including for…
170. Technology  

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