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31. References  
Special roll forming expertise for companies from a wide range of industries
Both national and international companies from a wide range of industries benefit from the comprehensive…
32. Advice  
First hand personal tips
Targeted advice during roll forming processes and at trade fairs
The direct contact between you, the specialists from your company and our roll forming experts is very…
33. Prototype development  
Simply faster and better at the start
Rapid prototyping saves costs and lots of time
For completely new roll forming tasks, for which initially there are no available solutions, we have an efficient…
34. Experimental and test centre  
Try something new and deliver it completely finished
In-house test center with 10 test machines and high-performance CO2 lasers
Tinker and test, try out and improve: Special development…
35. Process integration  
Diverse functions skilfully combined
Direct, reliable and economic incorporation of additional processes
Increasing demands on our roll forming technologies include the ever more frequent task of…
36. 70 years of experience  
Practical roll forming with the professionals
Each new roll forming machine contains 70 years of experience
Our experience from over 70 years of roll forming technology and over 2000 delivered…
37. Assembly and acceptance  
Full speed ahead straight from the start
Faster and trouble-free production start-up
In addition to innovative and custom roll forming technologies, we offer you expert know-how in the assembly and…
38. On site commissioning  
Know-how transfer brings your production into full swing
Targeted support in commissioning of the roll forming machine
The rapid commissioning of your roll forming machine on site is an important…
39. Process cycle  
Individual services from a one-stop shop
Permanent reliability and high economy with maximum support
Our comprehensive services include consultancy, modernisation, maintenance and repair as well as…
40. About us  
Always a strong partner
Innovative, third generation roll forming machines
Right from its foundation in 1949, DREISTERN GmbH & Co. KG was not just another machine tool manufacturer, rather it…
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