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Green Roll Forming

Roll forming enables energy efficiency and is resource-saving!


Due to the process, the degree of material utilization in roll forming is generally very high compared to other forming processes. Cold forming means that no energy is required to heat the material to be processed, which helps to save energy.

DREISTERN roll forming machines are known for their high quality and durability. Quite a few of our customers have been producing with one and the same system for decades, and that with little need for spare and wear parts. This fact alone stands for sustainability when investing in a DREISTERN roll forming system!

In addition, we offer proprietary technologies that save energy and resources during production.

Roll forming enables energy efficiency!

Reduction of energy consumption

Thanks to our intelligent technologies - keyword: Roll Forming 4.0 - the forming process is controlled in such a way that the desired geometry and dimensional accuracy of the product is achieved. Only exactly the forces and torques that are required to achieve the best result are applied. In addition to product quality, this also increases energy efficiency.

By using the most modern drive and control technology as well as the wide use of servo technology with a high degree of efficiency, an energy-efficient production is possible.

Additional energy-saving functions such as intelligent switch-on and switch-off functions for a wide range of consumers or the reversing optimization for our flying cut-off machines also have a positive influence on the energy requirements of a roll forming system. When designing a system, these energetic aspects are already taken into account.

  • Optimum design of the roll forming tools

When designing the roll forming tools, the basis for energy-saving production is laid by selecting the smallest possible transport diameter and clear transport constructing conditions.

  • RF4.0

With the help of our intelligent system technology, we can also optimize the transport conditions, which in turn leads to a reduction in engine power.

  • SERVICES 4.0

Energy consumption can be reduced by retrofitting with our modern systems engineering. For example, the compressed air-intensive profile drying could be replaced by an suction system.

Resource conservation

The material utilization in roll forming is generally very high. As a rule, only small amounts of material are left over during the changeover process and possible punching processes. This extremely low percentage of steel scrap can be 100% recycled. This is resource-saving and sustainable.

  • Best possible utilization of the production material

Through the use of intelligent system functions, the production material is utilized in the best possible way.

Functions such as residual strip processing, automatic good and bad part recognition, scrap-optimized cutting or waste-free part changing reduce the proportion of scrap to a minimum.

  • RF4.0

Our intelligent stands and detection functions detect deviations in the process at an early stage through permanent monitoring. This functionality makes a major contribution to avoiding scrap. A MODERNIZATION of your existing system can be constructive here.

  • SERVICES 4.0

The service life can be increased by regularly maintenance and reconditioning components and tools. Partial renewals, such as in the control system, also increase the life cycle of the system. Intelligent retrofitting solutions, such as adding a skin-pass-station, make a decisive contribution to increasing the degree of material utilization.

Are you interested in an energy audit or a workshop that contributes to the conservation of resources and energy savings in your roll forming system? We are looking forward to your contact.

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