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Give your products back the precision they once enjoyed.

Intensive use of your roll forming line can impair the original quality of your products after a long period, usually due to wear and tear. Modernising your roll forming line or individual assemblies – such as the control system or the roll sets – as well as the machine safety mechanisms, are decisive measures that we recommend and are happy to discuss with you. With the help of our expertise and targeted modernisation measures, you will regain your products’ precision and extend the service life of your roll forming line.

2nd Machine Life

The ravages of time don’t just impact iron and steel. These days it tends to be the electronic components that need to be replaced and renewed due to rapid technical advancements. Our multi-level 2nd Machine Life programme focuses on the older control systems to ensure that they can continue to function, ensure reliable production and can still be repaired when needed.

Repairs: structural and gear repairs

Machinery that runs continuously through multi-shift operation needs replacing every now and again. By repairing your machinery or the heavily used parts, you can regain the original levels of precision and can increase the service life of your roll forming machine as a result. Our long-lasting, reliable gears mean that this isn’t often necessary. And it is a similar story with the structural parts, which, together with the rolls, are a key factor in ensuring the quality of your profiled products.

Roll set repairs

You need excellent roll forming tools to produce excellent profiles. And inspecting your tools for wear and possible improvements ensures that your tools remain at this high level. Our experts work in conjunction with your specialists to ensure that insights from your own production are taken into account.

Machine safety, CE label

The CE label is not just a legal necessity. It also shows that DREISTERN machines are of a high-quality and “Made in Europe”.  Our complete plants meet the quality and safety standards and have been awarded the CE label in accordance with the EU Machine Directive 2006/42/EC I. Incomplete plants have a CE-compliant Declaration of Incorporation. We are happy to advise you on how you can apply for the correct CE label.

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