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Requirements and obligations

Quality is always part and parcel of each task

We will discuss your expectations and requirements for our roll forming know-how and our roll forming technologies prior to project start: our team will then be mandated to fulfil your requirements. For successful implementation, the realisation of maximum quality is an ever present factor.

Process-orientated quality systems

Quality is a team duty: Which is precisely why our employees, partners and suppliers always work hand-in-hand for you, supported by a process-oriented quality system. On the basis of our quality planning processes, we monitor the individual project phases based on quality milestones and checklists: in this way, we identify possible weak points and rectify them in a timely manner. Our quality strategy means we can achieve stable, repeatable and robust manufacturing processes for you.

One of the building blocks here is that we work with you to identify key characteristics for the machine capability (CmK). This is decisive quality criterion for our roll forming systems.

When trialling the roll forming machines in-house, 0 series are produced and evaluated for you. We use recognised measuring equipment and evaluation software for statistical analysis and sampling.

With this software you receive clear, easy-to-understand and comprehensible proof of the quality status of your roll forming system.

Moreover, other processes contribute to the quality assurance of your roll forming system. These include our pre-production forming simulations, the creation of punching plans, 100% commissioning including performance tests and machine capability studies (cm, cmk).

Contact our roll forming experts

Each process has its own special technological requirements, which is why your company too will have its own special questions about roll forming machines and processes: Our roll forming experts have the answers you need!

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