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Service at Dreistern stands for value-enhancing services such as inspection, maintenance, training & education, as well as our rapid help-desk services. For example, with the help of our remote support, we can be on site at your premises to search for the cause of a fault with you, wherever you may be in the world! With our service packages, we always maintain your system’s productivity at the highest level. Needless to say, we ensure the fast and thorough repair of all relevant components during our service works.

Service works

When it comes to our customers’ roll forming lines, we are always at work. Our technicians fine-tune the tools in your factory, optimise your production, resolve malfunctions and repair defective components – wherever you may be in the world!


Prevention is better than an expensive cure. Inspections help you to avoid unplanned disruptions and machine standstills. Our experts inspect the electrical and mechanical functioning of your DREISTERN machinery. And we use the inspection report to identify any work that is urgently required. Our service also includes providing information and advice on technical questions, and fixing smaller issues and damage.

Servicing and maintenance

The best way to prevent expensive malfunctions and unplanned machine standstills? Regular servicing! In this case, your production is paused when it suits you. Our experts do not just check to make sure that the mechanics and electrics are functioning correctly, they also carry out simple but necessary tasks, such as replacing filters, lubricant and oils, or checking the settings are correct.

Inspection and service packages

Machine standstills do occur from time to time. All of a sudden everything stops and an emergency plan needs to be actioned at short notice. At best this is an irritation, but it often costs a lot of time and money too. We have a tried-and-tested method to help prevent this from happening: predictive maintenance. With our inspection and service package, the DREISTERN expert visits ahead of an issue occurring to carefully test all components. This type of service can help to prevent horrid surprises.


From remote maintenance through diagnostics to remote support, our customer service team are on hand to help you with everything concerning your machinery. We provide quick and reliable responses to your questions.

You can reach one of our team directly via our service hotline on +49 7622 391 391. It is open Monday to Friday from 6am to 9pm and from 8am to midday on Saturdays (all times CET). If you need assistance outside of these hours, simply leave us a message.

Regardless of where your machines are located, our remote maintenance can help to resolve various control and operating problems quickly and easily. We can also support you in real time with live pictures via a remote connection. Our teleservice provides a direct connection between your machinery and our customer service team. So we can support you remotely with diagnostics in the case of a fault and thus help to minimise downtime.

DREISTERN installation instructions for TeamViewer Assist


We provide training sessions and/or workshops on the following topics, always tailored to your specific requirements:

  •  Roll forming technology basics
  •  Machine operation
  •  Safety technology
  •  Production support
  •  Separating technology:  Punching, cutting, sawing
  •  Control technology
  •  Hydraulics, pneumatics – from the basics to proportional technology

On-site commissioning

Time is money and is in short supply. As such, the fast and smooth commissioning of your roll forming machine to guarantee a rapid start to production is a big deal and one that our profiling experts will do their best to help with.


DREISTERNCare includes the key aspects such as inspection, maintenance, training, wear and spare parts packages, as well as our HelpDesk – a comprehensive package that keeps your production running. We will find a solution!

Warranty extensions

Our standard warranty covers 12 months of one-shift operation. Do you want more reassurance? No problem. We offer warranty extensions based either on warranty periods or on the number of operating hours. An annual inspection by one of our service technicians is a great way to complement a warranty extension.

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