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The right strategy for a custom-fitted profile geometry!

More than 9000 of different profile geometries in more than 70 years of company history – and still no end in sight.

The Dreistern designers know that even presumably simple products may turn out to be challenging in details.

Our experts do not solely count on their experience – our 2 D and 3 D software tools and cumbersome simulations help us to develop the right rollforming idea into a sophisticated rollforming strategy.

The visualization of the decisive tensions and forces of a rollforming process is done by a finite element method (FEM) simulation. Furthermore, we analyse the influence of the number of rollforming steps on the profile shape in order to find several rollforming scenarios. Even critical parameter studies are possible without going into real steel – e.g. we investigate how the presence of punching holes or other processes influences the rollforming.

Our superior target is to minimize our Customer’s risks by the means of modern computing methods. However, the software solution alone is not decisive. The DREISTERN designers‘ experience allows to interpret the calculated results from the practitioner’s view with a sense of proportion, which is at least as important as the simulation.

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Jede Branche hat ihre ganz speziellen Anforderungen – deshalb gibt es auch für Ihr Unternehmen besondere Fragen zu Ihren Profiliermaschinen und Rollformprozessen: Unsere Profilierexperten aus dem Bereich Service haben die Antworten für Sie!

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